Honorary President of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief joined ICCSS Global Team

Amb. Krzysztof Paturej welcome Honorary President of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk /THW/), Mr. Albrecht Broemme as member of the ICCSS Global  Team.

Mr. Albrecht Broemme finished his tenure as the THW President in the end of December 2020. He received, as a first THW President the position of THW Honorary President, in recognition of his efforts and achievements in national and international civil protection and provision of assistance in emergency situations.  Mr. Albrecht Broemme is an international leader in civil protection and disaster management.

The honorable Mr. Albrecht Broemme as member of the ICCSS Global Team will support ICCSS efforts and join and lead activities to increase European and international cooperation to prevent, prepare for and respond to chemical and environmental disasters.

On the occasion of Mr. Albrecht Broemme joining the ICCSS Global Team, amb. Krzysztof Paturej stated: “We appreciate the honorable Mr. Albrecht Broemme leadership and cooperation in international civil protection and express our gratitude for his engagement to peaceful development and cooperation. We will work together to enhance chemical and environmental safety and security in civil protection worldwide.”

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THW German Federal Agency for Technical Relief - Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk,  www.thw.de. As a Federal agency, THW belongs to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. However, only one percent of the staff works full-time for the authority. 99 percent of the THW-members work on a voluntary basis for THW. Nationwide more than 80,000 volunteers commit themselves during their leisure time in 668 local sections in order to provide professional help to people in distress. THW flexibly adapts its structures to changing threat situations. Modern equipment and well-trained specialists are the basis of its high efficiency.

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The ICCSS Global Team is initiated, supported and coordinated by the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS). Consisting  of independent advisors who are opinion leaders in areas of the peaceful uses of chemistry, chemical and environmental safety and security and civil protection, the ICCSS Global Team Members represent relevant expertise from: governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, industry, international organisations, research institutions, universities, public security and crisis management services, defense, law and media.

The Global Team offers specialized advice and recommendations in areas of chemical and environmental safety and security, cybersecurity and civil protection, and aligns  with ICCSS vision, programmes and activities.