ICCSS supports Moldova efforts to establish Volunteer Fire Service


Amb. Krzysztof Paturej, ICCSS President met on 23rd January, 2020, at ICCSS with the Delegation of General Inspectorate from Emergency Situations, Moldova and initiators of Volunteer Fire Service.  The visit was a part of study tour to Poland of the Moldova leaders in fire service volunteerism. They met with the Polish Association of Volunteer Fire Service. They visited Polish units of volunteer fire service in  Tluszcz, Radzymin, Wolomin and Zielonka and met with the local self-government leaders and media. 


The Moldova-ICCSS cooperation is part of the joint work within the  project EU-CHEM-REACT 2 (www.ecr.iccss.eu), financed by EU, which covers the issues of modern response to chemical and environmental threats under Civil protection  Mechanism of the EU (UCPM) https://ec.europa.eu/echo/what/civil-protection/mechanism_en in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Col. Sergiu Junea, from General Inspectorate from Emergency Situations, confirmed a strong support of Moldova for the project implementation. He highlighted ICCSS leading role in providing modern chemical and environmental safety and security solutions. He reported on the successful conclusions of the preparations to the Command Post Exercise (CPX) to be held in Chisinau on 3-4 March, 2020, as part of EU-CHEM-REACT implementation. CPX will test legal and administrative preparedness of Moldova and Eastern European partners to request and receive international assistance under UCPM. He confirmed support for the development of volunteer fire service.  


Col. Junea briefed on the development of the of the Moldova National Training Center in civil protection and expressed thanks to ICSS President for the coordination of efforts to upgrade the development of the National Training Center into the regional civil protection center. He confirmed that on 2nd March, 2020, on the occasion of CPX, there will be a visit of international partners to the planned site of  regional centre in Moldova, to receive their financial and expert assistance.


Mr. Valeriu Popa and Mr. Valeriu Vieru, the Moldova leaders in the development of Volunteer Fire Service briefed on their work. They confirmed that they will follow Polish model on fire service volunteerism and readiness to use EU guidance and practices in civil protection. During the discussions we confirmed the importance of  fire service volunteer development in building local self-government, protection of environment and social exclusion. It was proposed to organize in Poland, in Spring/Summer 2020, a forum on the development of  Volunteer Fire Service, with a special part devoted to support the Moldova fire service volunteers, as part of European aspirations of Moldova. Moldova volunteer fire fighters will work hand-by-hand with partners from Eastern Europe in EU-CHEM-REACT 2 Field Exercise in Lviv on 15-16 September 2020.   


ICCSS President confirmed a special international  meeting will be organized on 2nd March, 2020 in Chisinau to support the development  of the regional civil protection center in Moldova.